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Draw without drawing Creating DWGs without drawing

Draw without drawing Creating DWGs without drawing

Draw without drawing Creating DWGs without drawing
Note the Coordinate Fields quoting X & Y Position(s)

is possible through 4 different methods:

Draw without drawing Creating DWGs without drawing
Draw without drawing Creating DWGs without drawing
  1. Coordinate geometry via excel spreadsheet(s)
    If you have coordinate data in an Excel Spreadsheet, you can easily gather Easting, Northing Data by the use of excel concatenate functionality. Once You do this, You can Use the Point, or Polyline Command to create the geometry pasting the cells directly from the excel spreadsheet.
  2. Attached Data (XREF/PDF)
    New for 2017, a PDF File (Created by AutoCAD PDF and/or DWG to Pdf – Containing Layer info and created as Vector Geometry) Could become part of you drawing by the Newest functionality from Autodesk. Of course XREFs could be bound inside the current drawing but then you have to deal with it…In those cases, I would recommend the 3rd option – The PDF Import will be Reviewed in one of my next blogposts
  3. Screen Splitting/Copy with base point
    Existing Geometry within any DWG, will be easily introduced into the current file by selecting it, opting for Copy-with-Basepoint and the Pasted into your AutoCAD using the same Coordinates or Splitting the screen (Tile Vertically – Recommended), Select at one file, Drag your selection while holding down the Right Mouse Button to your current DWG, release and opt for Paste to Original Coordinates.
  4. Save As…Though very common among AutoCAD Users, here are some warnings…Save As is not a proper substitute to Starting New Files from a Template! The invisible data within a file might be full of trash that has to be carefully purged. Furthermore, file setting might not comply with your Standards and I would recommend to prefer Item # 3 instead…provided that you start a new file based on your standard Template File. So, this Item is recommended only for the cases in which you created a file that is in good shape, and kept in good maintanance before you Save it with a new name and edit it. In any case, re-using data and editing it is better than creating it from scratch (provided it’s of good quality).

In either case, Draw without drawing or AutoCAD External Input, will be faster and precise (Precision depends on the source file)

Draw without drawing Creating DWGs without drawing, Ideas, Pros & Cons:

Create a block that quotes X,Y Position of a Point and place it in your drawing, Then You can Use Data Extraction to have the Excel Spreadsheet, Concatenate both columns into one (comma separated) and use Polyline to create the coordinate geometry  – Note that the order of points in the electronic sheet is proper to close the Polylines)

Using Vector Geometry from within a PDF might save you lots of time and effort – Only the selection will turn into AutoCAD Objects -which is great yet, not every object will be the one expected…

Draw without drawing Creating DWGs without drawing, The Video:

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