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Do You Extract Data from AutoCAD files?

Extract Data from your DWG(s)…and Get any Data You need from within the DWG database:
In one of my latest projects, I created a large pre-typed annotation library, Built it in into a bunch of Tool Palettes, setting my client free of the burden of typing and retyping – most texts in our disciplinary drawings has been typed at least a hundred times with some minor variants. To do so, I 1st extracted all the annotations I needed and it made my work easier and faster.
By the way, this is a big Tip: Dragging an Annotation such as a MText will bring only the feature to the Palette (good but not good enough)  but Dragging a Multileader will bring the Annotation’s contents in and out the Palette – Using a Multileader Style with no frame and no leader will get you a powerful object which is easily editable.

Extract DATA
This is your Ticket to the word of DATA Extraction

Extract Data – The Classic Approach

Most AutoCAD Users will Extract Data connected to Blocks with Attributes, some will discover that When Blocks are Dynamic, You can have your Data Extraction according to the Block’s Parameters but a little minority will be extracting other things. The rule is super easy: Finding a specific piece of data is as easy as typing Control + F (within an Excel Spreadsheet) while in AutoCAD, is hard to look for and find…

The AutoCAD Dynamic Data Extraction Webinar I’ll be conducting very soon, keeps me so excited and enthusiastic that I’m running a Poll to suit best my audience’s needs

Hereby is a link to this 1st Poll:
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Extract Data  | The Webinar Agenda:

  • Extract Data – Where to? An AutoCAD Table and/or an Excel Spreadsheet – Pros & Cons – Dynamic and Static Vs Data Links
  • Extracting Data form a single file, a Sheet Set, a folder or any other selection of your Project Files Selection
  • Keep an Eye on the Data Extraction Settings before you Click on Next…!!!
  • Filtering Your Data  – Display Options
  • Extracting Blocks with Attributes
  • Extracting Dynamic Blocks
  • Extracting other Objects

Stay Tuned for the Next Poll and Registry


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