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CAD Standards? Tool Palettes

Tool Palettes play a significant role when you want to implement a CAD Standard easily:
They Control Layers and Styles, They manage not just Block Insertions but actually any Imaginable AutoCAD Feature whatsoever.

CAD Standards? Tool Palettes
At the User Level You can Distribute, At The CAD MGR. Level You Can Deploy

CAD Standards? Tool Palettes …Period!

If you are in charge of Automation, Standardisation and Productivity those TPs will Assist you to implement almost anything you want. If You’re a Super-User and/or in charge of the CAD Management, take this step and you won’t regret.

TPs can actually solve most of your problems, setting you free of CAD Standard Monitoring and Enforcement which I guess is not the part of the job of your preference. CAD Standard enables the end-user to focus on the job instead on the software, and Tool Palettes are a great mean getting there!

The Tool Palettes Only Environment:

In one of my classes, I’ve been teaching how to create TPs. Then I removed the Ribbons and Panels and let the rookies create a drawing only through the Palettes.
The results were awesome: The outputs were similar and CAD Standard Compliant –
And I thought this would be a great Environment for everyone at their desktops in any office.

CAD Standards | Why Tool Palettes?

  1. Usability, Functionality and focus:
    CAD-USERS will be having more fun and that’s the 1st Key for Ease of Implementation, Won’t worry about Standard Compliance (Mostly a “Pain in the Ass”),  Having a singular point of control ordered in many ways (Flexibility), according to Processes and Workflows, etc.
    . . .
  2. Deployment and Re-Deployment
    You can create a new palette or redesign another and then deploy it so all the CAD Users have a Similar Standard Environment. You can add or remove features. Tool palettes’ best practice is to have them in a public location at your local server.
    . . .
  3. Migration
    TPs are here for many years now and we can expect only to get better. Certainly they are not going to disappear. Migrating to a Newer Version is a matter of Changing some Options…
    . . .

WHAT About You? Have ever created a Tool Palette or a TP- Group?
Do you Think You want to Get Deeper Understanding on this?


dannyk | | CAD Standards? Tool Palettes

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