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Are Block Insertion Points Singular?

Insertion Points are only part of your imagination (Singular Insertion Points – At Least) !
Got Your attention, didn’t I?
There is a singular default insertion point, that’s right – but you can attack this rigid behavior – at least –  with 2 different flexibility-weapons.

Once upon a time, there was only one option: The default insertion point and then select & move/stretch/rotate/mirror/scale. After many years, we have more options. The only way I know is to explore, benchmark and only then, decide what’s the best practice. Besides counting Picks & Clicks, sometimes there are other factors to pick your preferred option.

After using the CREATE BLOCK hundreds of thousands of times, I became a Minimalist and most of the job is done in the Block Editor Framework.

Are Block Insertion Points Singular?
What does really matter?

In the Block Definition Dialog Box, the most important thing is the Block’s name, the right section about it’s behavior, the Block Units and of course always keep the Open in block editor checked. Al the other staff, including Attribute Definitions, additional geometry, parameters and actions and even the base point, will be treated right after very carefully while in the Block Editor. Paying Attention to these (marked) will be a time-saver, needing not to rename the Block, or change it’s definition later. Most of the time I get paid while creating contents in AutoCAD, so I find no reason in letting someone explode my blocks…

Are Block Insertion Points Singular?

While inserting, there is a little down arrow you should click on and this will allow you to select your insertion point according to the Block’s surroundings. The other option is to add several Point Parameters at specific locations in the block and Switch between those by clicking the Control Button. This will show a sequence.

To achieve it, you must get your block into the block editor, there is no other way! The Sequence will respect the order of the Point Parameters added. Furthermore, using your UCSICON at Origin, will show the default Insertion in the Block Editor…Don’ t agree? No Problem use the Basepoint Parameter to redefine the Default Insertion Point…

Very Important:

Are Block Insertion Points Singular?
If in the Block Creation Process, geometry was Orthogonal but the Icon shows otherwise, Yo better check if in WCS 1st

Some Thumb Rules about Creating Blocks:

  1. Never create a block but in WCS
  2. Move to Layer 0 before/after/at the Block Editor
  3. Strongly Recommend not to include any kind or annotations w/in the Block (Attributes Only)
  4. If the Block is Unitless, I suggest your drawing is unitless as well -Try to Avoid that, the price is rather High for us all. Design Teams work in different units, etc.
  5. If the Block is going to be Countable, prefer adding an Attribute definition or Create a Dynamic Block using Parameters – This will ease the Data Extraction Process by Far – Very Cool and Yet, the Attribute can be Invisible
  6. Do not create blocks by the ‘Paste as block’ option, it’s not worth it, and not to copy-paste blocks, not good for your skin!

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