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AutoCAD Online Master Classes – 9/21/2016 Webinar Analytics

Last Wednesday I conducted a Dynamic Data Extraction Webinar. In the Webinar’s Framework I presented some questions asked within the Webinar’s Polls & Surveys. The Attendees’ reaction was great:
AutoCAD Online Master Classes are welcome among the AutoCAD Users (that attended the Webinar)!

AutoCAD Online Master Classes
CAD Standards through Tool Palettes  | Click On the IMAGE 2 Zoom to Class Syllabus

AutoCAD Online Master Classes: “IT’S ALL ABOUT CAD STANDARDS”

  1. CAD Standards through Tool Palettes – This is the 1st in a series of 3 Master Classes on CAD Standards – Based on BEST PRACTICES among my Clientele – Design Tools, Design Tool Palettes, Document the Tools, Check/Debug and Distribute to your Peers – All that while Mapping Processes and Workflows
  2. Automation Through SOPHISTICATED Template files: According to the 1st AutoCAD Online Master Class, the Files You need to generate Automation & Productivity Boosting Your Standard Compliance
  3. Project Management in the AutoCAD Environment through Sheet Sets: One of the most significant CAD Standards Catalyzing AutoCAD Vanilla Offers Out-of-the -Box; How to create a new Sheet in Seconds, a better way to use XREFs, The Project’s Central Point of Control, offering global manipulations for Plotting, Publishing, Transmittal, Dynamic Sheet List Tables, Version Control and much more.

The AutoCAD Online Master Classes CAD Standards Framework

  • Duration: 90-100 minutes
  • Cloud Workflow (Autodesk Praxis) – Autodesk ID Required – The Platform will be used at class and as The Recordings Platform – Each Task will have attached Video for future STEP-by-STEP Implementation
  • Handouts: Ready To Customize Generic Files for easy Implementation
  • TECH Support: 10 Working Days of e Mail Tech Support included

What are the benefits of this series?

  • CREATE a “Modern Approach” CAD Standard that is relatively easy to implement
  • No Standard enforcement or Monitoring – A Positive approach providing the end-user with Easier, Faster & Better ways to improve his/her AutoCAD Performance
  • An AutoCAD Standard Environment that will Create Standard Compliant Data in the 1st Place, by default!


Danny Korem | AutoCAD Online Master Classes | Distilling Exactly the CAD Knowledge You Need”